Course Description · Wind Turbine Technology

Keywords: Overall course introducing wind turbine components (rotor, machinery elements, generator, electrical system), wind energy resources, environmental aspects, grid integration, economics.

Course Responsible: Taesong Kim

General Course objectives

The focus of the course is to learn about the wind turbine technology. Main topics of the course are aerodynamics, structural design, structural dynamics, electrical systems and wind turbine control.

Learning Objectives

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

  • Describe and apply a steady Blade Element Momentum method to model the aerodynamic forces on a rotor
  • Describe a typical blade structure 
  • Explain main load cases and criteria for structural design of blades  
  • Distinguish various types of wind turbine
  • Explain the electrical design and control of the basic wind turbine types
  • Design maximum power point tracking controller for a wind turbine


In this course, you will learn about wind turbine technology covering aerodynamics, composite structure, structural dynamics, electrical systems, control, etc. After the course, you will be are able to explain wind turbine system. 



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