Course Description · Materials in Wind Energy

Keywords: Introduction to materials for wind turbines.

Course Responsible: Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen

General Course Objectives

The focus of the course is to gain a thorough knowledge of materials structures and properties, with special emphasis on the requirements in a wind turbine. After this course, you will be capable of tailoring and predict the mechanical properties of wind turbine materials with an emphasis on composites and metal, design materials test and critically use measured properties with the aim of designing selected sub-components in a wind turbine lastly, predict materials lifetime of sub-components given the load history.

Learning Objectives

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

  • List, classify and explain the main requirements of the structural materials used in a wind turbine
  • Calculate simple load cases for selected sub-components
  • Describe the configuration of typical composite materials for wind turbines, and their manufacturing process
  • Predict stiffness and strength of unidirectional composites
  • Describe a testing strategy for measurements of the governing mechanical properties of composites
  • Classify the different types of failure modes in metals, and describe ways to prevent them
  • Classify different forms of corrosion in metals, and describe ways to prevent them
  • Relate heat treatment and microstructure of steel
  • Describe the concept behind damage tolerant materials
  • Predict the materials life time for dynamically loaded structures
  • Dimension the sub-components in a wind turbine based on materials properties



In this course, you will learn about materials used in wind turbines and the loads they are subjected to. You will need to focus on composites and metals. Topics like manufacturing, predicting and measurements will be addressed. For the composites you will look at the ability of tailoring, predicting and measuring the mechanical properties of non-crimp fabric composites and for the metals, the properties of the most common steel types and the most common failure modes. 



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